Internationale und nationale Transporte von überdimensionalen, schweren und Projektladungen

The KEEN-MARK group of companies has been on the market since 1991.

The offices of the forwarders and transport companies that are members of the KEEN-MARK GROUP are located in St. Petersburg and Moscow.


Developing optimal transport and logistics solutions, KEEN-MARK organizes international and national multimodal transportation of any kind of goods from all industries, including transportation of project cargoes by various means of transport.

KEEN-MARK carries out lifting and assembly work with its own equipment without the use of cranes: lifting scaffolds and various special handling equipment make it possible to perform work in particularly cramped conditions..

With a 60,000 square meter open guarded warehouse at the Tallinn Highway and KAD intersection, KEEN-MARK offers services in the field of storage and handling of goods.


Our own fleet consists of 35 trucks and more than 100 trailers of leading foreign manufacturers for special purposes . With its own modular chassis Goldhofer THP SL (96 axle lines), self-propelled Scheuerle SPMT (88 axle lines) and special equipment, indivisible loads weighing up to 3500 tons can be transported.

KEEN-MARK owns and operates an exclusive 500 ton Girder Bridge, which ensures an optimal distribution of the axle loads from the transport modules as well as a minimum transport height, which is close to the height of the load. The mobile modular bridge crossing system makes it possible to save costs for fixing bridges and is designed for loads weighing up to 500 tons.

All vehicles are equipped with a satellite-based tracking system, the location and movement of vehicles in national and international traffic are tracked around the clock.


The staff of the KEEN-MARK GROUP is regularly trained by the European manufacturers of the special technology and takes part in seminars and workshops, which are carried out by profiled training centers in the EU.


KEEN-MARK has been a full member of the ASMAP (Association of International Road Transport Companies); KEEN-MARK has been registered in the Register of Customs Carriers of the Russian Customs Authority of the RF. since 1994

The company's activities are certified and comply with the requirements of international standards:

KEEN-MARK's liability is insured with the insurance company IJSC "VSK" in the amount of 3 050 000 euros. A special feature of our insurance contract is the possibility of increasing the coverage limit for capital-intensive cargoes to up to 10,000,000 euros without additional coordination.

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